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He removes his cloak as you get down on your knees in preparation to SHLURP up his weird old little shriveled dinky.

as you get closer you realize it smells exactly like the birthday cake you had on you 9th birthday... the last birthday you had before dad left. you are filled with overwhelming calm as if someone has drained all your worries out the back of your skull. as you open you mouth you find it tastes exactly like how sunlight feels on you forearms for the first time after winter. & suddenly you realize who the traveler is. "wait" you think to yourself "are you..." & before you can finish he gives the gentlest nod with closed eyes & you know that he knows too. the next time you open your eyes, the view is completely different you look down at you blue little dick & you see yourself giving sucking you blue dick. you blink again & your back. warm sand envelopes you & the blue man & you are finally at peace. 

beach ending.png
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